Research indicates that connecting to nature can have a profoundly positive impact on a person’s wellbeing, but in urban areas, connecting to nature can be a challenge. Working land, caring for it over time, observing and appreciating surrounding wildlife,and seeing the fruits of labor connect us to our environment, our community, and our home.

People interacting with a Gardeneers garden, particularly our students, are often experiencing agriculture for the first time. Growing food is a shared experience, across time, that connects us to ways of those who have gone before us and paves the way for those who will come after us. Our students experience and live out these ideas in their own unique and evolving ways.

Our students get a different kind of physical activity in the garden and explore a whole realm of sensory wonders. Our programming includes educating on the environment at large, the history of agriculture, the importance of trees, the plant life cycle and anatomy and more.

For us, experiencing nature is about connecting with the land, respecting that so much of growing a garden is out of our control. Students become active participants in their own learning, guided by our garden educators and the community that supports them.